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Blogul acesta va fi unul despre El si mine, despre noi doi si voi…

To live is Christ – it’s all that my heart and mind know at this moment! To love Him, to praise Him, to adore Him with all of my being! To life fully for His glory! To leave comfort and simple moral-good-girl Christianity and LIVE FOR HIM in every aspects of my life! To be fully transformed in His love and the plans He has with me!

I trust You, Love! I’ll go where ever You say, just show me the way! Through Your power, my steps will follow! Take my hand and lead me!

You are my Redeemer, my Master, my Potter, my Hero, my Warriour, my Maker, my God! My Friend, my Father, my everything! And i am Yours! To live is Christ and to die is gain. Do everything you want with me! Only for your eternal glory!

Be praised and honoured, my dearest!


  1. Draga mea,
    Oare se poate sa ma abonez la acest site prin Microsoft Feed? Pot sa programez asta? La situl lui Lavi asta e posibil.

    Te pup

  2. Draga mea, nici macar nu stiu ce e microsoft feed (doar imi inchipui). Daca ai putut la Lavi, poti si la mine pt ca e exact acelasi fel de blog (apartine de wordpress). Tot ce tine de blog, comenzi si ce-i posibil sau nu, descopar si eu in timp ce incerc. Emi ar sti sa-ti spuna sigur, din cate stiu eu.
    Te imbratisez in Domnul! El sa faca sa straluceasca fata Lui peste tine, Dani, Luca si David.
    Va iubesc!

  3. Great post. Thanks.

  4. Hello from Melbourne, Australia. Thanks for sharing your info. I’m doing a project on content curation. It really helped with my TAFE assignment due next Monday !

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