Publicat de: andreea | Aprilie 5, 2010

Tu-mi faci inima sa cante!

Cuvintele pieselor urmatoare va vor explica bucuria din inima mea…

Amazing God – Phatfish

  • Looking in the sky whoever could deny Your glory?
  • Gazing into space how small the human race appears
  • Seeing you in all Your majesty, I wonder how it could be
  • That You delight in me
  • Lord You are an amazing God
  • Lord You are an amazing God
  • Lord You are an amazing God
  • And I love You, I love You
  • Lord of everything no other god or king is like You
  • Powerful and strong yet tender is Your song to me
  • Knowing the extent of all my sin however could you be pleased
  • To pour Your love on me?
  • You light up the heavens with just one word
  • You measure the mountains in Your hand
  • Yet You treasure the broken and make them whole
  • You crown us with Your love

Build this house – Lou Fellingham

There’s nothing that I have on earth that doesn’t come from You
I lay aside my pride and worldly worth
To serve You is the greatest thing that I could ever do.

For unless You build this house
I am building it in vain
Unless the work is Yours
There is nothing to be gained
I want something that will stand
When Your Holy fire comes
Something that will last
And to hear You say „Well done”
Giving Glory to You Lord
Glory to You Lord

So easy to desire what others have
Instead of seeing all the gifts that You have given me
So help me fan the flame which You began
And burn in me a love for You that all will clearly see


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