Publicat de: andreea | ianuarie 20, 2010

You love me enough to inspire me to love You forever

Mi-a pus Domnul azi, inaintea inimii, urmatoarele ganduri ale lui Francois Fenelon… Fiti binecuvantati si voi, prin Duhul Sfant, prin ele!

„Lord, i know not what i ought to ask of You. You only know what i need. You love me better than i know how to love myself. Father, give to me, Your child, that which i myself know not how to ask. I dare not ask for crosses or consolations. I simply present myself before You, i open up my heart to you. Behold my needs which i know not myself, and see and do according to Your tender mecy. Smite, or heal, depress me, or raise me up: i adore all Your purposes without knowing them. I am silent. I offer in sacrifice. I yield myself to You. I would have no other desire than to accomplish Your will. Teach me to pray. Pray in me, yourself. For Christ’s sake. Amen”

„O, Lord, You know the weakness and misery of Your creatures. We have nothing, but what matter – so long as we have You, so long as we can see You with certainty of finding all that is not to be found in ourselves. So help us, Lord, to seek, through Jesus Christ. Amen.”

„You know better than i how much i love You, Lord. You know it and i know it not, for nothing is more hidden from me than the depths of my own heart. I desire to love You. I fear that i do not love You enough. I beseech You to grant me the fullness of pure love. Behold my desire. You have given it to me. Behold in your creature what You have placed there. Oh, God, You love me enough to inspire me to love You forever. Behold not my sins. Behold Your mercy and my love.”

„Most people don’t really know God. They know what they have read or been told, but it is an intellectual knowledge that lacks true spiritual experience. Most of us grow up being told there is a God, but i’m not sure how much we believe it. We don’t act like we believe in God… When people are told to seek God within, it is like telling them to go to another planet. What is farther away and more uncknown than the bottom of your own heart? Oh, God, we don’t understand You. We don’t know that we exist through You.”

„To just read the Bible, attend church and avoid „big”sins- is this passionate, wholehearted love for God?”

„A soul that depends on God alone, is not surprised at the sight of his own wretchedness. It is contented to see that it can do nothing, and that God alone can do all.”


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